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American Highway Solutions LLC

American Highway Solutions, LLC.

American Highway Solutions is a full service traffic safety solutions company providing quality products for the Traffic Safety industry. We are a distributor for Impact Recovery Systems, SlowStop Guarding System, Bone Safety Signs, RubberForm Recycled Products &  BriteSide®  Reflective Panels.  We are the Premier Distributor for Bus Safety Solutions covering Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico & Utah.

Our Manufacturers


Impact Recovery Systems

The Impact Traffic line of products are flexible, durable, high impact traffic control equipment for both permanent and temporary applications manufacturered by Impact Recovery Systems. 

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 The patented SlowStop® guarding system is a revolutionary rebounding steel pipe energy absorption system that does more than just block access.

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Bus Safety Solutions: What is the Extended Stop Arm?

The Extended Stop Arm is an aluminum frame extending 6.5 feet out from the side of the bus. 

 The original stop arm is reattached to a sturdy steel bracket and brace 

The electrical system integrates with the existing system including lights. 

The extension of the Extended Stop Arm is held together with nylon shear pins so the sign will break away if it is hit at 30mph. 

The Electric Version features a linear actuator that securely holds the sign close to the bus when not deployed. 

The Air Version operates off the standard pneumatic pressure system on the bus and holds it securely to the bus .

AIR Extended Stop Arm 3.1


Why The Extended Arm?

79,000 stopped school buses are passed illegally every single school day. 

Because of this epidemic, children getting on and off the school bus are in danger. These stop arm violations can be a matter of life or death. 

The Extended Stop Arm is the only service that “physically” keeps bus 

riding children safe.

Bone Safety

 For more than three decades, Bone Safety Signs has been all about the message, and our message is “SAFETY." Bone Safety prides itself on providing safety products for roadway workers, and increasing the safety of the traveling public, today and in the future. 

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 RubberForm Recycled Products, they are a world-class manufacturer and marketer of innovative solutions for parking lot safety, commercial construction, traffic control, industrial, plant safety, road construction and surface protection products.  Products are made in the U.S. & made primarily from U.S. scrap tire rubber and recycled plastics.  

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Lordon, Inc.


Lordon Inc. is a Nationally Certified Women Owned Business run by sisters Donna Quagliana, President, and Lori McMahon, Vice President. Since its inception in 1990, the company has grown into an international business with well-established manufacturing capabilities and a national distribution chain.

BriteSide® patented Reflective Panels and Message Panels were the first products manufactured by Lordon. Over the years, they have played a key role in increasing traffic safety compliance and reducing pedestrian and motorist accidents across the U.S and abroad. Lordon has expanded its Product Line to serve a wide variety of clients including municipalities, public works departments, state / county DOT’s, utility companies and more.

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